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Sacré Cœur Scholarships

Empowering young women.

Scholarships for 2026 will open in late 2024.

Why Sacré Coeur?

Education at Sacré Cœur is reflected by our tradition of a deep respect for intellectual values.

As an open entry school, we cultivate a love for learning and a desire to achieve your potential. This is what we refer to as academic excellence; recognising and striving to be the best you can be.

As a student you will be supported by expert teachers, who are passionate about their subject area. They know and care about their students. We also offer a range of accelerated VCE subjects at Year 10 and Year 11 with the majority of our students completing 6 VCE subjects by the end of Year 12.

The after school tutoring program in the secondary school involves high achieving alumnae supporting students with their study. And our Careers Department helps inform your subject choices and career aspirations from Year 10. 

Most importantly you will be immersed into a culture that applauds excellence and achievement; where students collaborate together to ensure everyone aspires to take their place in the world. 

This is your invitation to become part of the Sacré Cœur collective intellect. 

Our 2023 VCE results

We are immensely proud of our students for all of their achievements.

Our outstanding staff cultivate heads and equally hearts to create well-rounded individuals; we foster excellence in individual academic and social learning with a deep respect for intellectual values.

Median study score of 36
Median ATAR — 91.18

• 10.2% achieved an ATAR greater than 99
• 13.6% achieved an ATAR greater than 98
• 21.6% achieved an ATAR greater than 97
• 28.4% achieved an ATAR greater than 96

Apply Today

Applications for scholarships are now closed

For all enquires please contact Silvana Botter, our Admissions and Community Manager at admissions@sac.vic.edu.au or call +61 3 9835 2713