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VCE Results

VCE Results 2022

We are pleased to be ranked as the top Catholic school in Victoria in 2022.

We are immensely proud of our students for all of their achievements.

Our outstanding staff cultivate heads and equally hearts to create well-rounded individuals; we foster excellence in individual academic and social learning with a deep respect for intellectual values. 

Adelina Melia-Douvos, Principal

Highlights from Sacré Cœur’s VCE results in 2022
• Median ATAR – 88.35
• 5.7% achieved an ATAR greater than 99
• 11.4% achieved an ATAR greater than 98
• 23.9% achieved an ATAR greater than 95
• 77.3% achieved an ATAR greater than 80
• 20.6 % study scores over 40
• Median study score of 36
• Four perfect study scores of 50 in Business Management, English, Health and Development and Psychology.

From our Principal

We are immensely proud of our students whose collective results have been excellent. Throughout the year, our students approached all aspects of school life at Sacré Cœur with zest. This attitude of our VCE students also permeated their diligent approach to their studies, which saw them remain focused, resolute and steadfast.

Working closely with their dedicated and experienced teachers, the Year 12 Class of 2022 achieved significant success. We extend our congratulations to each of our VCE students, including our Year 11 students who undertook the study of a Unit 3/4 subject.

I extend my warmest congratulations to our 2022 Dux, Emily Prater, who achieved an ATAR of 99.9. Emily, throughout her years at Sacré Cœur, availed herself of a broad range of educational opportunities. She received a number of awards in her six years at the School, including the prestigious Premier’s Award for Biology in 2021 as a Year 11 student and the Australian Defence Force Future Innovator’s Award at Vale this year. Emily has also received Colours for Study and Subject Awards each year during her time at Sacré Cœur. She has been a highly valued member of the Sports and Music Programs. Emily was recognised for her involvement in a variety of extra-curricular enrichment programs, including the Big Science Competition, the Australian Mathematics Competition and the Computational and Algorithmic Thinking Competition. Emily’s involvement in many aspects of life at School also included her selection as part of the Sacred Heart Exchange Program, which saw her attending our sister school, Baradene, in Auckland.

I would also like to congratulate the following students, who achieved a perfect study score of 50: Elizabeth Lahy (Business Management), Olivia Pepe (English), Alessia Martino (Health and Human Development) and Lucy Westmore (Psychology).

Success comes in countless forms at Sacré Cœur.

This success is not possible without the cultivation of a love of learning imparted by teachers of the highest quality; indeed, I thank all our staff for their staunch commitment, expert guidance and passion.

With pride, we recognise the achievements of the Class of 2022 and extend our very best wishes to each of our students. I am greatly assured that the Class of 2022 will undertake future endeavours with courage, confidence and firm convictions, developed through their education at Sacré Cœur.

Adelina Melia-Douvos

VCE Results 2022