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Scholarships and Bursaries

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Applications are now closed for 2025 General Excellence and Music Scholarships for students. 

Years 7-12 – Academic Scholarship

Years 5 – 7 – General Excellence Scholarships

Years 8 – 9 – General Excellence Scholarships

Years 10 – 12 – General Excellence Scholarships

Years 7 – 10 – Music Scholarships

For information on how to apply for a scholarship, please see the “Scholarships” page


We are also proud to offer a limited number of bursaries annually to students whose families may not otherwise be able to afford a Sacré Cœur education. Our bursaries are funded in part by the School, in conjunction with the Sacré Cœur Foundation, and supported by the generous donations of our community, and are available to both current and new families.

Bursary Year level Criteria Funded by
St Madeleine Sophie Barat Bursaries All year levels Financial based School
Henri Curmi Bursary Years 7 – 12 Financial based Foundation
Kathleen McCarthy – Janet Stuart Bursary Years 7 – 12 Financial based Foundation
Florence Buckley Scholarships and Bursaries All year levels Financial based Foundation
Sacré Cœur Foundation Scholarships Fund All year levels Financial based Foundation
Bette Scurry Scholarships and Bursaries Year 7 Financial based Bette Scurry Bursary Trust

General information

Scholarship and bursary concessions do not apply to:

All scholarships and bursaries are awarded at the Principal’s discretion.

For all enquiries please contact Silvana Botter, our Admissions and Community Manager at admissions@sac.vic.edu.au or call +61 3 9835 2713.


For information about our tuition fees please click here