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2022 Schedule

Year Level Tuition Fees (Annual)
Prep $4,905
Year 1 $5,190
Year 2 $5,245
Year 3* $12,335
Year 4* $15,045
Year 5 $20,640
Year 6 $20,640
Year 7 $24,425
Year 8 $24,425
Year 9 $26,785
Year 10 $26,785
Year 11 $28,065
Year 12 $28,065

*We anticipate that Year 3 and 4 fees will be reduced in 2023 and 2024 respectively.

A compulsory building levy of $1,250 per family is charged each year.

Sibling Discount

A 10% discount of tuition fees applies to the second and subsequent sisters attending the School at the same time.

Method of Payment

Payment Options:

Advance Payment of Fees

Net tuition fees (excluding the building levy) will be discounted by 3% if payment for the whole of the following year is made by 30 November.

In addition, if payment for the whole of the following year, and up to five future years is made by 30 June, future fee increases for those years will be waived..

Invoice Due Dates

Fees and levies are invoiced four times a year and are due in advance of the start of each term. For Year 12 only, billing four is due for payment by 30 June.

Monthly payment options are also available by direct debit or automatic credit card deduction

Business Terms

Sacré Cœur’s Business Terms can be found below.