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One Heart

A key element of Sacré Cœur’s community identity is the care that is held for others and the sincere wish to support one another in times of need. It is from this sense of community that the One Heart Sacré Cœur Family Support Group has been established. The aim of this initiative is for the school community to aid families needing support in challenging times. Whilst not limited, support will mainly focus on the provision of meals. 

If you wish to volunteer for this group or need assistance please contact:

oneheart@sac.vic.edu.au or

Joigny Sponsor: Janine.Hogan@sac.vic.edu.au

Senior School Sponsor: Chris.maguire@sac.vic.edu.au

At all times, the wishes and privacy of the family seeking support are respected and upheld.  The School Policies can be read here