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St Madeleine Sophie Barat Centre

Celebrating 21st Century Learning

Our brand-new STEAM learning centre — the St Madeleine Sophie Barat Centre — is a transformative space that celebrates our commitment to education in science, technology, mathematics and creative arts.

Known as the Sophie Centre, the building emphasises a cross-curricular approach, continuing Sacré Cœur’s historic ethos, which has always strived to create well-rounded, future ready young women.

Learning at all Levels

Students will move seamlessly between a range of modern, expansive spaces across multiple levels. The Sophie Centre features a multi-level Junior and Senior library, three light-filled science and technology laboratories, an inspiring creative arts hub, an amphitheatre, and numerous indoor and outdoor breakout learning spaces.

The crown of the Sophie Centre is a rooftop terrace with 270-degree views that serves as a breakout area for outdoor learning and a scenic setting for school functions.

Expansive Junior School Spaces

The Sophie Centre features a Junior School library and IT laboratory that will ignite our younger students’ passion for learning. Education also extends outside of the Sophie Centre — with inspiring new playground spaces and curated landscaping for our Junior School.

Eco Focused Design

The building is environmentally designed to meet 21st century standards. It features solar panels, use of rainwater, smart temperature control, motion-controlled LED lights, excellent ventilation and extensive windows for light filled learning.