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A Sacré Cœur education fosters confidence in our young girls, and is more accessible than ever, with our new fee schedule for Prep and future year levels.

We welcome your enrolment enquiries for a limited number of places available in Prep for 2024 and beyond.

Sacré Cœur prides itself on providing a world of care for each and every student. This nurturing approach fosters confidence and trust in our young girls, so they feel free to explore and follow their curiosity in a safe environment.

“Your child will flourish because she is known” – Janine Hogan, Head of Joigny, Junior School.

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If you would like to see Joigny in action and discuss enrolment with our Admissions Manager, Silvana Botter

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To ensure your daughter’s holistic development, it is important that she feels well-cared for and known by our teachers, who will guide her through her Joigny years.

Our Prep class has no more than 20 students, ensuring individual attention. They are supported by a team of specialist teachers including their dedicated class teacher and teachers in Numeracy, Literacy, French, Physical Education, Visual Arts, Music, Choir, Library and Learning Enhancement. Our teachers have a deep understanding of the individual needs of every student in our Primary school – Joigny.

Sacré Cœur is an inclusive community and we welcome students from a diverse range of religious denominations and faiths.

We are currently offering places for 2024, 2025 and 2026. Please email our Admissions and Community Manager, Silvana Botter or call 9835 2713 to discuss your daughter’s enrolment needs.

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